In Search of the DeMedici of the 21st Century

Oil Drum Art seeks a contemporary DiMedici to underwrite the organization and its mission of creating an international geopolitical and environmental art movement that would develop in five years and become an open forum for meaningful dialogues between art and society. In 2003, Jack Lardis launched a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Connecticut called Oil Drum Art that incorporated recycled 55-gallon oil drums as a metaphor for oil. By using these ubiquitous containers he enlisted over 250 artists to create meaningful artworks that address issues confronting society. Issues include the environment, energy crisis, transportation, climate control, carbon footprint, sustainability, the world economy and the Middle East wars. Oil Drum Art is a provocative concept that could stand beside conceptual art, minimalism, pop art and other historic and important art movements. If interested in creating an international art movement in five years that becomes part of art history please send your inquiry to: jackart31@