In furtherance of our environmental mission, Oil Drum Art prefers that recycled 55-gallon oil drums be used for creating drum artworks.  While used drums are everywhere throughout the planet, it is essential that such recycled oil drums be certified as safe, nontoxic, and noncombustible before one uses such drums in an artistic endeavor, Once you have located a used drum which you believe to meet these safety requirements, request and secure a written statement to that effect from the supplier. 

Possible sources for  used drums may be found on the Internet or yellow pages listed under:

Steel drums
Steel barrels
Oil drums
Oil Barrels
Metal oil drums
Metal Barrels
Metal recycling
Recycled metal oil drums
Recycled oil drums
Recycling metal centers
55-Gallon oil drums
Scrap metal
Used oil drums

Safe use of drums in artistic endeavors is the sole responsibility of the artist. Please consult applicable “Materials Safety Data Sheets” and other applicable information before utilizing drums and employ appropriate safety precautions.