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This gallery displays the works by artists that have contributed to different Oil Drum Art projects.  They are listed by name in alphabetical order as well as specific information about their beliefs and contact information.

Artists express their concern about the impact of fossil fuels on the planet and provoke viewers at Oil Drum Art exhibitions to reevaluate their addiction to oil products and modify their irresponsible consumption.  The planet is at risk and new thinking is needed to find ways for sustainable solutions that will help avert a global meltdown of our natural resources.  

The possessing or controlling of oil has been a defining policy objective of the 20th century community of nations. The oil drum contains the essential energy of our world, without which our modern civilization could not exist. The drum container in its vast simplicity as a symbol common to all men, evokes every one of the forces, greed, hope, peace and havoc that have influenced mankind for a century or more.

As a powerful metaphor for oil the metal drums reflect political implications and divisiveness generated throughout the world.  The diminishing resources places greater pressure on industrial nations to control available oil until an alternative energy source is implemented.

The oil drum has been employed as an aesthetic vessel by John Chamberlain, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Forrest Myers, and other renowned artists who have seen the possibilities of the metal container as a symbol or as a point of artistic departure.  It is a 3-dimensional “canvas” that conjures up a variety of meaningful images.

The oil drum when used as a means of expression will remind the world that art has a place, not just in museums, but wherever it may be seen and pondered, and not just as art, but as philosophy whose power will rise from the making of art from a common symbol that is large enough to embrace it.

The energy crisis is crippling our global economies and creating tensions between nations as they seek to control oil that is becoming a finite commodity.  Finding
alternative energy solutions are paramount in today’s world and drum artists are helping to raise awareness through their artworks.

Oil Drum Art wants to raise people’s consciousness about what oil is doing to their planet and their economy. America’s addiction to oil has produced two wars and is bankrupting the nation.  Americans cannot continue to be complacent about rising oil costs and to be irresponsible about excessive energy-consumption.

During an exhibition in DUMBO, Brooklyn, Oil Drum Art was invited to appear on the CBS Early Show during Earth Day Week because of its environmental content. A dozen artworks were displayed on the CBS Plaza and the artists were interviewed.  Then in September the Commemorative 9/11 Oil Drum Art Exhibition at the Barnum Museum was featured on the New York Fox-5 TV News.

In 2009 Oil Drum Art and its president and founder, Jack Lardis, received the 2009 Arts Council of Greater New Haven Arts Award for breakthrough and innovative art.