The possessing or controlling of oil has been a defining policy objective of the 20th century community of nations. The oil drum contains the essential energy of our world, without which our modern civilization could not exist. The drum container in its vast simplicity as a symbol common to all men, evokes every one of the forces, greed, hope, peace and havoc that have influenced mankind for a century or more.

The following images are representative of geopolitical sculptures. Click on any image to see a larger version of it.  Those with text in red will have specific information about purchasing it.


A Vision of Yesterday and Today
Dennis Bialek


Cash Cow
Dean Caple


Oil Makes The World Go Round
These Are The Good Old Days

David Christensen

Grinding To a Halt
Robert Dancik


The Ladder
Erich Davis


Peace Plane
Joe DeMarco

The Beasts
Joe DeMarco


The Circle of insanity
Michael Finucone


Light of the World
Tung Hoang

Tao Labossiere


Tao Labossiere


Forget Me Not
Jack Lardis

War. What Is It Good For?
Jack Lardis


Jack Lardis


Preston Link

Fethi Meghelli


Crude Reality
Amy Mielke


Humanity Prison
Amy Mielke

Amy Mielke


Out of Time
Fred Osorio


End of the Lies
Gerry Saladyga

Factor Unknown
Richard Wilkinson