The oil drum has been employed as an aesthetic vessel by John Chamberlain, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Forrest Myers, and other renowned artists who have seen the possibilities of the metal container as a symbol or as a point of artistic departure.  It is a 3-dimensional “canvas” that conjures up a variety of meaningful images.

The oil drum when used as a means of expression will remind the world that art has a place, not just in museums, but wherever it may be seen and pondered, and not just as art, but as philosophy whose power will rise from the making of art from a common symbol that is large enough to embrace it.

The following images are representative of aesthetic sculptures. Click on any image to see a larger version of it. 
Those with text in red will have specific information about purchasing it.   


Anne Thompson


Pump It Up
Jen DeRosa


To Get Out of the House
Nnacy Eisenfeld

Don Fazekas


Owed on a Grecian Urn
Rob Loebell


City in the Round
Edwin C. Lomerson III

Wardrobe Steamer Trunk
Michael Mindera


Around and Around
We Go

L. C. Morris


The Late Great #2
David Murphy

Jason Northrop


HMS Perry
Amanda Perry & Andrea Miller


Diane Platt

People Flying
Karen Rossi


Tree of Life
Peter Smith


Iron Face
Peter Smith

Susan Spight


Pierre Sylvain


The Balance
Karen Wassmer

Holly Williams


Dead Flower
Claude Rioual