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Christo-Jeanne Claude
Their work is visually impressive and often controversial as a result of its scale, the artists have repeatedly denied that their projects contain any deeper meaning than their immediate aesthetic. The purpose of their art, they contend, is simply to create works of art or joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes. They created works of art using oil barrels early in their career.  To see images of the oil drum works, click on the name, then Some Art Works, and finally Early Works.

I-Park--Sculpture In The Park
One of the finest outdoor juried exhibitions of three-dimensional artwork in the United States, Sculpture in the Park features the work of more than 200 sculptors from around the world.

Anna Held Audette
Anna Held Audette began her career as a printmaker and later evolved into a painter.  She taught at Southern Connecticut State University for many years and her books, The Blank Canvas and 100 Creative Drawing Ideas came out of that experience. Her main studio is in New Haven, CT.  During the summer, however, she works in southern Vermont in a studio near the old farmhouse handed down from her family.  View the link regarding scrap metal on her Web site.

Valley Arts Council
The Valley Arts Council was formed for the purpose of creating and promoting a connecting thread between artists and those who have an interest in experiencing the arts. Sometimes the only difference between a life full of art, and a life void of art, is the simple accessibility of the arts . The Valley Arts Council is to ensure that the contribution the arts can make to one's life is recognized, valued, promoted and realized in the lives of all Naugatuck Valley residents. The Valley Arts Council has an ongoing commitment to recognize that a community which encourages, supports, and fosters the arts, empowers its citizens to think, work and live creatively.

Hartford ArtSpace Gallery
ArtSpace galleries show the latest work and performances of ArtSpace residents. Check the link for what's on.

Greater New Haven Arts Council
The Greater New Haven Arts Council supports and promotes vibrant arts and cultural resources by providing leadership and advocacy for artists, organizations and audiences.

Nest Arts Factory, Bridgeport, CT
The Nest Arts Factory's premise is that art is a visionary process in regard to its influence on society. It is a verb and not a noun. It is not static - constantly evolving and synthesizing . The Nest looks at the process from a holistic point of view. Looking at every part that makes up the whole. In this synergy there is a dialogue between the artist and society. For this dialogue to exist there needs to be a place for the artist to express themselves. The Nest has created a place where the artist can have affordable studio space to create their world. It also created open spaces for the performing and visual artist to share their work with the community both near and far. This creates the environment for the artist to evolve. These open spaces are also shared with the community to be part of the process. This philosophy is that art is not secular and it is part of the innate human process to be shared with everyone. The Nest Arts Factory vision serves the public and becomes part of the fabric of the community serving both the old and young as a place to experience one's thoughts, share ideas, dreams, and creation together.

Greater Hartford Arts Council
Ranked in the country’s Top 10 United Arts Funds by Americans for the Arts, the Greater Hartford Arts Council is also a national leader in connecting the public to arts and entertainment, and New England’s largest independent arts council.

Connecticut Commission of Culture and Tourism
The Arts Division develops and strengthens the arts in Connecticut and makes artistic experiences widely available to residents and visitors. Through its grant programs, the division invests in Connecticut artists and arts organizations thereby encouraging public participation as creators, learners, supporters and audience members. Through its programs and services, the division connects people to the arts and helps to build vital communities across the state and to promote life-long learning. The division oversees the gallery which is dedicated to promoting cultural enrichment and visual understanding of the four divisions. The gallery features changing exhibitions that support the Commission’s mission which directly relate to programs within the agency.

Roger Stanker
Stanker Design
Modern Drum Furniture, Paris