15 Best Sandals for Men in 2024, Tested and Reviewed by GQ

You know who else really likes Nisolo’s huaraches—besides for, like, every dad with a sprawling “cottage” in Westhampton? Chris Pine. When he’s not gleefully freaking it on the red carpet or en route to the gym, Hollywood’s shaggiest Chris swears by the brand’s flagship silhouette, wearing ‘em with an enviable disregard for occasion we’ve saluted time and time again. Much to his chagrin, GQ commerce editor Avidan Grossman is not Chris Pine. (In person, Grossman insists, the physical similarity is uncanny.) But Grossman praises Nisolo’s huaraches for the exact reasons we imagine Pine prizes them: stellar craftsmanship and all-day comfort, at a price that belies the quality involved. “Fellas,” he says, “to misquote the poet laureate of our era: let those dogs breathe.”

For more, take a look at our complete guide to the best huarache sandals.

Best Slides for Men: Adidas Adilette Aqua Slides


Adilette Aqua Slide


  • Ridiculously comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Widely available (and often on sale)


  • Fixed strap
  • Minimal traction

This was a harder category to decide than you’d imagine—the power of the slide means there are a lot of players in the space, but it’s just a big ol’ problem for the competition that the Adilette is still undefeated. Comfortable, affordable and as classic as any piece of modern footwear, regardless of genre, the original remains the best. Do these dress up? Not even remotely, but that’s not their job.

“You can try to find more comfortable or more interesting sandals, but you really don’t have to,” says Nelson, who thinks the beauty of the Adilette lies in its simplicity. “There’s no added weight on the strap, no hardware to adjust—just pure, uncut comfort a single shuffle away. Oh, and they’re cheaper than ordering pasta on DoorDash.”

More Sandals We Love

Teva Original Universal Sandals


Original Universal Sandal

If you’re looking for some all-terrain sleds without the cross-strap, the Teva Original Universal Sandal remains a perennial contender, and also clocks in a few dollars cheaper than the Chaco Z/1. And know that the Teva team has also innovated year on year—upgrading the sole unit, and incorporating recycled materials throughout—while making sure the quintessential sandal still absolutely crushes with a pair of Baggies.

Yuketen Alejandro Sandals

Japanese-born Yuki Matsuda’s California-founded Yuketen has quietly been pumping out some of the nicest, most authentically-made classic footwear in all of menswear for years now, employing methods, materials and the kinds of expert craftspeople that are all too rare in 2024. That fastidious nature shines through every slit of the Alejandro, which were made in Mexico using traditional techniques, and are hand-cut, hand-woven and perched atop a hard-hitting, height-boosting Vibram 2060 Outsole—the fully-loaded huarache, if you will.

Paraboot Ferret Crossover Sandals


Ferret Crossover Sandal

If there’s a pair of shoes Paraboot can’t make staggeringly well, we haven’t found them yet, so it came as no surprise to us that the Ferret Crossover Sandal was one of our favorite Fishermans. The supple, matte leather wears comfortably out of the box and wears in beautifully over time; the cemented rubber sole is both refined and useful, and the vamp looks incredible bumping up against the hemline of some pants or riding solo with shorts. You might not need a pair of fisherman sandals, but you’ll never regret having these on deck.

Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals

We love some well-worn Reefs as much as anyone, but if you’re off the boardwalk and still wanting to run some thongs, you can’t go wrong with the Gizeh. The leather upper and familiar cork footbed is as comfortable as any we’ve tried, but the more substantial design unexpectedly also shines with jeans, short shorts, big shorts and basically anything else we’ve tried to stump ‘em with.

Danner Joseph Leather Sandals


Joseph Leather Sandal

Turns out there’s absolutely nothing stopping an adventure sandal from having leather straps, killer hardware and serious trail chops, as evidenced by these from Danner. The straps are made from sustainably-tanned leather, the Vibram Traction Cascade outsole is an absolute unit, and they’ve even tacked on a sick magnetic buckle to keep everything locked in.

Jacques Soloviere Biarritz Sandals

Jacques Soloviére Paris

Biarritz Sandal

Summer is the time for dainty footwear, and the Jacques Soloviere Biarritz Sandals are some of the most balletic we know—not to mention some of the lushest. Handmade with a supple suede, single-piece upper and outfitted with a double-padded leather insole, they’re the kind of sandals that will have you welcoming the dog days—and the kind that will conceal the wear-and-tear your toes have incurred.

Gianluca L’artgiano Leather Sandals


L’artgiano Sandal

As much as we love molded slides (a lot, they’re super comfortable and the gym bathroom floor gets nasty), they have their limits. But the cool thing about slides is if you turn the dial just a few degrees, tweaking the materials a touch, they can even hold their own with a summer suit.

Bedrock Sandals Cairn Evo Adventure Sandals

Bedrock Sandals

Cairn Evo Adventure Sandal

If you’re trying to hike hike in your sandals, it’s damn near impossible to beat the plush ride of the bombproof Cairn Evo Sandals, which were made with nails-tough nylon straps and (resoleable!) Vibram XS Trek EVO outsoles that provide the kind of stability normally reserved for hiking boots. Don’t just take it from us—people out there have put 2,800 miles on ‘em and they’re still trucking.

Suicoke KAW-VS Sandals

Fans of the John Mayer and/or A$AP Rocky wardrobe know that a maximalist sandal can go off with the right supporting cast. And when it comes to maximalist sandals, no one packs a punch like Suicoke, and we love the souped-up KAW-VS. Overlays, straps, chunky soles and patchwork combine for a futuristic slide that welcomes socks and pants graciously.

Your Sandals FAQs, Answered

Is it OK to wear socks with sandals?

Yes, wearing socks with sandals is perfectly acceptable! In fact, under the right circumstances, we actually encourage it. But like many a swerve, socks-and-sandals require a little extra consideration when it comes to both outfit and proportions. Thicker sandals should always be paired with hefty socks, for instance. A pair of hiking socks with Arizonas, pleated shorts, and a rumpled Oxford shirt? LFG.

Are sandals appropriate for a wedding?

That depends on the sandal and on the dress code. If it’s a garden wedding or something on a beach, absolutely—you can mess around with some huaraches, something strappy, or even a two-strap design, assuming they’re still looking presentable. On the other side, however, there aren’t many sandals that we’d advise wearing to a black tie function.

What to Look For in a Great Pair of Sandals

Having been with us for centuries, there are now types of sandals to be worn for every activity under the sun. Whether you’re on the hunt for a comfortable sandal for long walks or a low-profile leather design to complete your next date-night look, you’ll of course want to buy something to meet your specific needs. With that in mind, here are a few important things to look out for:

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