17 Best Khaki Pants for Men Under $100: Ever-Dependable Trousers for Less Than a Benjamin

The irony of blabbing about getting full-on weird with your pants while extolling the virtues of the best khaki pants for men is not lost on us. Call us hypocrites—we prefer to think that we’re complex, and contain multitudes. For what it’s worth, the call for weird pants still stands! Buy those Matrix-y leather jeans; pull out the velour flares; get the big, baggy cargos. Go for NBA tunnel-like glory, and we’ll cheer you on the whole way.

That said, life is all about balance—the highs, the lows, the offbeat, the straight-ahead—and sometimes you just need a break from your walk on the wild side. Sometimes, in other words, you just need pants that are a little simpler, easier to pull off, and slightly, dare we say, basic.

After a week-long bender of your guilty pleasure, you gotta flush the toxins somehow, right? Same goes for your closet. In those moments, there’s hardly a better option than the most classic and American pants of all: khakis. Whether you dress ‘em up at the office, or down with a white tee like Steve McQueen in that one photo you’ve seen a thousand times, they’ll be the leafy greens your wardrobe demands. Best of all, it’s easier than ever to cop a perfect pair of the best khaki pants for men, with a slew of stellar pairs available for less than a single C-note. Here are 17 affordable khakis that’ll work for just about every body type, budget, and style imaginable.

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