21 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors That Are Worth the Money

Light temperature

While the lighted makeup mirrors of yore typically had a single type of light, plenty of newcomers feature LED lights—something experts say is worth it, because they best mimic natural light plus offer more options. Many are dimmable and can mimic multiple temperatures, including daylight (best for being in natural sunlight), warm light (best for indoor, low-light settings), and cool light (best for anywhere lit by fluorescents), to help you look your best wherever you’re headed. But if the one you have your eye on doesn’t have this option, don’t sweat it—this feature is just a cherry on top.

Fun extras

You don’t need to be an influencer to want to record your beauty routine. Thanks to a new generation of LED makeup mirrors with built-in phone holders and chargers, it’s never been easier to film yourself in action. Smart mirrors can analyze skin and point out red or dry spots, and the most advanced even connect to the internet and have speakers in case you want to play music or listen to a podcast in the background.

Whether you’re looking for a professional tabletop vanity mirror with big lights or want to get up close and personal with a compact, you don’t need to be a pro to get MUA-level looks. Ahead, discover the best lighted makeup mirrors you can buy right now—including plenty that Glamour editors swear by.

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