23 Best Early Prime Day Clothing Deals to Save Big On in 2023

It’s official: Bezos has defeated Santa Claus. The jolly guy only comes ‘round once a year, but Amazon Prime Day—and the ensuing Prime Day clothing deals—has officially upped the ante with a sequel to the notorious dealfest which they’re calling Prime Day Big Deals (confusing!). If you’re here, you probably already know the spiel: Maison Bezos slashes prices on a preposterous array of menswear, gadgets, and home goods, and then sits back and watches while all hell breaks loose. (And if you don’t know the spiel, here it is in greater detail). We’re still a few weeks away from said hellbreak (October 11 and 12, officially), but the deals are already flowing.

The Prime Day Clothing Deals Hit List

And to help you make sense of all the Prime Day clothing deals—and the bounty of menswear deals it has to offer from Levi’s, Ray-Ban, New Balance, and much more—we whittled down the seemingly endless SKUs to a compact-ish, easily-digestible list, with an eye on spotlighting killer shoes, drool-worthy watches, revitalizing colognes, and so much more. Happy Prime Day, you filthy animals.

For every other worthwhile deal we’ve found, head over to our massive list of the best early Prime Day Deals 2023 has to offer. And check out the rest of our pre-Prime Day coverage, broken out by category, below.

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