28 Entertaining Girls Birthday Party Activities

We have collected the most entertaining girls birthday party activities for your birthday girl and all her party guests from all over the internet and beyond. From DIY birthday party activity crafts to creating your own food, we have activities and ideas for girls of all ages. Grab your kids, your party supplies, and let’s get to party planning!

Collage of assorted activities pictured in circles on a pink background with darker pink hearts.
Let’s have some fun with these activities for girl’s birthday parties!

There is so much fun to be had at birthday parties! A birthday celebration is more fun with party favors, a great birthday party theme, ice cream, birthday cake, and the best part – the guest of honor!

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FAVORITE Girls Birthday Party Activities

Different themes for a girl’s special day allow girls to have a great time with their favorite friends. Once they decide on their theme they can decide on activities and fun games to play. Girls and fun birthday games just go together!

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That is one of the reasons why these cool birthday party ideas are so perfect. These activities will encourage a little creativity from some and a lot from others! Most little girl fun party games are cut and dry but these games provide the perfect opportunity to spread your child’s birthday party the main event of the year!

If these kid’s birthday party ideas look like fun but you’re not the creative type, don’t worry we’ll provide all the help you’ll need!

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1. BFF Paper Bracelets

Picture shows two children holding hands while wearing the paper bracelets they made. Colorful paper supplies are lying on the white background from Kids Activities Blog.
Parties are so much fun with friends!

BFF Paper Bracelets are a throwback to your own school days, and a great way to share stories at a slumber party.

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2. Princess Hat Cupcakes

Picture shows a child's hands holding a princess hat shaped cupcake with pink icing and blue and white sprinkles from Kids Activities Blog.
All princesses need a special hat!!

Princess hat cupcakes are the best birthday party treats for every princess theme party!

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3. Color Spray – Science through Art

Picture shows a child with a red water bottle to spray a colorful masterpiece from Kids Activities Blog.
Science as art makes for a great time at parties!

Kids can use different colors then spray with rubbing alcohol to create their color spray- science through art.

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4. Cupcake Wars Birthday Party

Picture shows assorted types of cupcakes lined up vertically on white plates on a dark grey countertop from Mom of 6.
Which cupcake is best?

Mom of 6 has created the most memorable birthday party idea for kids of all ages.

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5. Spa Birthday Party

Picture is a collage of pics including one of a girl washing her face, another of a child's feet, and the last of a bag of foot scrub; from Mom of 6.
What girl doesn’t love a spa treatment?

A home spa party is just the thing needed to help even mom rest thanks to Mom of 6 for this idea!

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6. Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Picture is a collage of 5 pics of children playing and having fun at a birthday party and one of a Minnie party invitation from Mom of 6..
Minnie is always sure to please!

Your baby girl is sure to love this Minnie Mouse birthday party and it’s easily switched to accommodate a birthday boy from Mom of 6.

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7. Rainbow Loom Birthday Party

Picture is of five children's arms covered in rainbow loom bracelets from Mom of 6.
Let’s make a bracelet in every color!

Creating a rainbow loom bracelet is a great way for larger groups to have a good time. This idea comes from Mom of 6. More fun rainbow loom ideas:

8. DIY Candy Necklaces

DIY candy necklaces made from assorted candies with holes all of varying colors from Kids Activities Blog.
DIY candy necklaces are so much fun!

Who doesn’t love a candy necklace? They’re even more fun if they’re DIY like these from The Love Nerds.

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9. Glow In The Dark Party

Picture is of a dark room and table with glow in the dark bracelets, rings, and necklaces, in assorted colors, strewn about from Her Party Pants.
Get your glow on with this party idea!

Create the ultimate party room inside your house with this party theme from Her Party Pants. More glow in the dark fun for birthday parties:

10. Kids Pizza Bar

Picture shows a set of two pictures both showing pizza crust on a silver pan with toppings of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and pineapple in red bowls with a child spreading the sauce on in the second picture. Pictures are from Smart Schoolhouse.
You ready to make pizza?

Smart School House can get you bonus points with this idea if you’re looking for great teen parties!

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11. DIY Wood Earrings with Watercolor Doodles

Picture shows wooden square earrings with a design drawn in black and painted with watercolors in green, purple, and pink from Moms & Crafters.
These earrings are sure to be a hit with teenage girls!

Older kids will love getting creative while making these earrings from Moms & Crafters.

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Picture shows three white cards with a blue diamond stamped on it. The cards are holding hair ties in purple, blue green, rose, yellow, pink, red and black among other colors from A Side of Sweet.
Let’s make some hair ties!

Make this simple item from A Side of Sweet to thrill any young girl!

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13. Decorate Sunglasses

Picture shows three pairs of sunglasses turned over to show the arms that have been embellished with green checkered, red and white striped, and polka dotted wash tape from Moms & Crafters
Everything is better upcycled!

Moms & Crafters accessorize on a whole new level with these up-cycled sunglasses!

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14. Mermaid Necklace DIY

Picture is a mermaid necklace made with purple and white pony beads offsetting shells made from egg cartons painted purple, pink and peach from Creating Creatives.
Unlock your inner mermaid with this DIY necklace!

Young children will love this creative necklace from Creating Creatives.

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15. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy DIY

Pictured are small wooden blocks taped together with multicolored washi tape from Moms & Crafters.
Love this DIY idea of a fidget cube.

Moms & Crafters make creativity fun for everyone!

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16. Crafts for Tweens-Sparkle Tumblers

Picture is of a clear tumbler with multicolored glitter confetti in the walls of the cup from Sunshine & Hurricanes.
Let’s get creative with glitter!

Let Sunshine & Hurricanes help you create the perfect personalized party for your tween!

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17. Cat Masks Printables and Paper Craft

Picture shows two cat eye masks on a purple background with sticks to hold them. They are decorated to look like cats. Printables are from Moms & Crafters.
How will you decorate your cat mask?

Have a masquerade ball with this face mask party idea from Moms and Crafters. Try making these other masks:

18. Tetris Craft: Make Tetris Pieces Magnets

Picture shows Tetris pieces in pink, yellow, green, blue, and green
This classic game is so much fun!

More than just a video games replica, this themed party is all about turning electronics into art from Moms & Crafters.

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19. Painted Rock Photo Holder Craft for Kids

Picture shows a white background with painted rocks on the surface. The rocks have wire sticking up from the rock with beads and a spot for a photo to rest in from Buggy and Buddy.
What photo will you choose for your photo holder?

Buggy and Buddy shows us a different type of art party with these painted rocks!

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20. DIY Party Cups Dipped in Confetti

Picture shows pink tumblers with blue straws. The bottoms of the tumblers have paper confetti. Idea is from Mod Podge Rocks.
Confetti is so much fun!

Mod Podge Rocks can show you how to find party ideas on a budget!

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21. DIY Stone Pendants (easy)

Parties with young children will be a blast when they make these stone pendants from Red Ted Art.

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22. Puzzle Pins

Create puzzle pins at your next party with Mosswood Connections.

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23. Fluffy Slime Recipe

The picture is of pink fluffy slime on an off white countertop from I Heart Naptime.
Let’s make some slime!

From 1-year-olds to 40-year-olds, this slime will be the hit of your party from I Heart Naptime.

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24. Paper Doll Chain Ballerinas

Picture shows paper dolls with leotards and tutus in pink and orange from Mer Mag Blog.
Who knew a simple item could bring so much party fun!

Young girls will have a great time making these ballerina dolls at their next party from Mer Mag Blog. More paper doll ideas for your birthday party:

25. How To Make Your Own Pixie Dust

Picture of a child's hands holding a square white ceramic bowl with gold glitter inside from Tiny Beans.
You can fly!

Your creative little ones will love making Tiny Beans‘ pixie dust.

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26. DIY Personalized Sharpie Mugs

Picture show two mugs stacked.  One has "that's good stuff" written in black and the second has children's drawings of animals from Handmade Charlotte.
Make a personalized party mug!

Making Handmade Charlotte‘s personalized sharpie mugs are fun for kids and a cool way to decorate your party drink cups!

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27. Fun Activity Ideas for a JoJo Siwa Birthday Party

Picture shows two girls dressed up in fancy dresses holding microphones in a room full of decorations of pink fringe and purple and green balloons from Fern & Maple.
Let’s party in style!

Fern & Maple has a plan to give the little girl in your life the happiest of a happy birthday celebration.

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28. Spin The Nail Polish Bottle Girls Party Game

Picture shows a DIY board game named spin the bottle. There are sections lined out for nail polish bottles to sit in every color from  One Creative Mommy.
Spin to win!

Board games are the best, especially DIY games like this one from One Creative Mommy.

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Which of the girls’ birthday party activities are you going to try first? Which party activity is your favorite?

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