Annie the Railroad Dog in Fort Collins, Colorado

From 1934 to 1948, Annie was the ambassador to Fort Collins as the unofficial welcome wagon to train passengers. She was found as a stray by railroad brakeman Chris Demuth. He brought the scrawny dog back to Fort Collins and called her Annie. She was raised at the train depot and beloved by all.

When Annie passed away, she was buried in the rail yard. The crew who had looked after her during her greeting duties put up a headstone with an inscription reading, “From the C&S Men to Annie Our Dog, 1934-1948.” You can still find Annie’s grave at the Fort Collins train depot.

Like other railroad dogs including Shep and Hachiko, Annie was a beloved figure. After her death, her memory was honored with a bronze statue based on a single photograph that could be found of Annie. She sits with her tongue lolling out of her mouth and a paw reaching out in greeting. This likeness sits outside the Old Town Library, surrounded by a lush green park. Sometimes you might find a stick inside her mouth.

Annie and her other statue friends are a reminder of the Old West history that Fort Collins holds dear. Help her legacy live on by stopping by and saying hello to her and her other statue friends in Library Park.

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