Arctic–Alpine Botanic Garden in Tromso, Norway

Located just north of Tromso’s city center, this garden is considered to be the world’s northernmost botanical garden. The place is on the location of an old farmhouse and was opened in 1994. It’s currently run by the University of Tromsø Museum.

The garden features a wide range of plants from cool climates on all continents, and these collections can be found in distinctive rock landscapes imitating nature. Despite its location north of the Arctic Polar Circle, its climate is milder than in other regions in this position, which often are tundras with scarce vegetation.

Summers are mild with some periods of rain and light is abundant, even at midnight, the sun is still visible sometimes, which makes May, June, and July a great period for the plants to thrive. Winters are usually very cold, with snow covering the ground. It is also mostly dark during the winter.

Besides the plants and rocks, the garden also has lakes, streams, a forest, and a cafe located in a reconstruction of the Hansine Hansens Farmhouses, that once stood in this area. The garden also features beautiful views over the mountains and the fjords around Tromsø.

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