CoStar pulls two ads after Move challenges traffic numbers

The challenges examined’s claims that it has 156 million monthly unique visitors and that it has double’s traffic. In regard to the first claim, the NAD said that it felt that the advertisement “conveyed a message that attracts 156 million monthly unique visitors when that figure was based on combined total traffic, calculated using Google Analytics, for 16 other CoStar websites.”

According to the release, Google Analytics data shows that itself has 110 million monthly unique visitors.  

The second claim brought by Move asked the NAD to consider the accuracy of the claim that “ now has DOUBLE’s traffic.” In its judgement, the NAD reported that it found that the claim was not supported since’s 110 million monthly unique visitors is not “double” the 66 million unique visitors claimed by

Notably, the NAD said that it did not consider the question of whether Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, “both site centric data gathering tools, could both be used together to make a single comparison of website visitors.” CoStar Group relies on Google Analytics data to monitor site traffic, while told HousingWire in May that it uses Adobe Analytics.

The NAD also noted that it did not evaluate the accuracy and validity of’s 110 million monthly unique users claim, or CoStar’s Real Estate Network’s 156 million monthly unique users claim. In the past, has been a vocal critic of the validity of these numbers, but based on the NAD’s rulings, it remains to be seen who is correct about these numbers.

“We’re pleased the National Advertising Division saw through CoStar’s smoke and mirrors and put this issue to rest with the recommendation that CoStar withdraw their false advertising claims of 156 million monthly unique users for and having double the traffic of,” Damian Eales, the CEO of, said in a statement. “The contrast with CoStar is becoming increasingly clear. CoStar has misled customers while has remained focused on growing a quality audience and quality leads for both buying agents and listing agents.”

In a release, says that it “encourages customers who bought a subscription based on an audience of 156 million to go to the following 16 URLs and try to find their brand and listings:, ApartmentFinder, FinderSites, ApartmentHomeLiving, WestSideRentals, ForRent, After55, CorporateHousing, ForRentUniversity,, Off Campus Partners, Homesnap, CitySnap,,, and”

CoStar did not return a request for comment.

Last week,’s parent company Move filed a suit against CoStar Group and former employee James Kaminsky, alleging that the current employee stole trade secrets to help fuel the rapid growth of

In an interview with HousingWire, Florance called the suit a “PR stunt,” stating that there was zero validity in the claims Move brought specifically against CoStar Group.

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