Costco is Selling Giant Sunflower Plants for Under $13

Did you know Costco is selling giant sunflowers? These giant sunflower plants are beautiful and wonderful! If you are needing a pick me up today, run to your local Costco because these giant sunflowers are sure to make you smile. Who knew plants at Costco could be so beautiful.

Giant sunflower plants at Costco on a shelf with a price tag of 12.99 above them
How beautiful are these giant sunflower plants?

Beautiful Giant Sunflower Plants At Costco

Costco is currently selling giant sunflower plants for under $13 ($12.99 to be exact).

These are large 1.5 gallon pots of Sunflowers and while they are only a perennial, I am sure these will bring joy to your garden the rest of the season!

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Store with Giant sunflower plants at Costco with a price tag of 12.99 above them and an empty shelf
Who knew Costco carried such beautiful plants. They’re going fast! Look at the empty shelves.

More About These Giant Sunflower Plants At Costco

These large containers of sunflowers would be perfect for keeping in the pots or planting into the ground.

Lots of Giant sunflower plants at Costco  on metal and white shelves at the store
Have you ever heard of Sunfinity Sunflowers?

I did some research and since these are Sunfinity Sunflowers, they are known for having lots of blooms that can be cut and used indoors, with no mess and without damaging the outdoor plant.

A number of Giant sunflower plants at Costco next to succulent plants on metal and white shelves
These giant sunflowers will continue to bloom after traditional sunflowers have bloomed and died.

The outdoor plant will continue to bloom long after traditional sunflowers have bloomed and died. They seem quite easy to care for which is perfect for people like myself that don’t have a green thumb and seem to kill everything.

How Big Do These Giant Sunflowers Actually Get?

They can get to be 3-4 feet tall! They’re honestly a more medium sized sunflower. And that’s okay. The bees and butterflies will still love them and be attracted by the bright petals on the flower heads. The stalk will still be strong, and these are still pretty tall sunflowers. And yes, like most sunflowers, they enjoy full sun. But these giant sunflowers are actually heat tolerant making them drought tolerant.

Close up of Giant sunflower plants at Costco with green leaves
Check your local Costco for these giant and beautiful sunflower plants.

Get Your Beautiful Sunflower Plants At Costco Before They’re Gone

With that being said, these Sunfinity Sunflowers can be found inside your local Costco store right now for $12.99 per 1.5 gallon.

Succulents and Giant sunflower plants at Costco on white and metal shelves
My store was nearly sold out of these sunflowers!

They were already going fast at my local store so make sure you grab some before they are gone.

What Is The Tallest Sunflowers?

If these giant sunflowers are not big enough for you then I would try to find some American Giant Sunflower.

Do These Giant Sunflowers Have Fast Crop Times?

Yes they do! They’re best suited from late spring and early summer production. They will be blooming in 9-12 weeks. They have continuous blooms in a season. Literally they can have over 100 blooms in a season.

If You Cut Flowers From Your Giant Sunflowers, How Long Will Your Bouquet Last?

You have giant sunflowers now! But you want a bouquet… will they die if you cut them? They will last 7-10 days.

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What do you think about these beautiful giant sunflower plants at Costco?

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