Dama Ibérica in Valencia, Spain

Dama Ibérica

The “Dama Ibérica,” a monumental sculpture in the heart of Valencia was created by the sculptor Manolo Valdés with the help of the architect Rafa Rivera and the “Fallas” artist Manolo Martín. This impressive work depicts a large, majestic female figure inspired by ancient Iberian women’s heads (“La Dama de Elche”) and thus recalls the history and culture of the region.

From an artistic point of view, “Iberian Lady” is a manifestation of Valdés’ technical skill and creative vision. His focus on reinterpreting historical elements in a contemporary context gives the work depth and meaning. The combination of abstract forms and realistic details creates a sense of monumentality and presence that captivates the viewer.

The relevance of this sculpture lies in its ability to merge past and present and serve as a tangible reminder of Spain’s rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, its prominent location in a roundabout in the center of Valencia makes it a focal point in the cityscape, attracting residents and visitors alike.

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