Free Printable Math Sight Words Flashcards For Kids

Today we have free printable math sight word flashcards for kids! These free printable math sight word flashcards are great for kids of all ages, particularly: toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids. Simply download and print these math sight word flashcards pdf file to start learning the fun way! These printable math sight word flashcards are great whether you’re learning at home or in a classroom!

math word flash cards for kids- toys, blocks, and flash cards on a brown wooden table- kids activities blog
Learn all the different math sight words!

Math sight words sentences are hard for some elementary aged kiddos. One of my children excels in math, until it comes to word sentences. He is reading, but not quite confident enough for his brain to read and solve math equations at the same time as deciphering words. Time for a confidence booster! Click the button to download and print these super awesome and educational math sight words flashcards now:

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I went through the math work sheets that he had most recently completed and we wrote down all the common words. I was amazed at how many of the words repeated between the questions. See the printable that we made filled with the common math words. We printed out the words and made a set of cards to help our son gain confidence.

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How We Used Our Printed Math Sight Word Flashcards

Math sight words flashcards- flashcards and toys on a wooden table- toys are green flowers and angry birds- kids activities blog
Practice word math problems, but more visually!

We practiced the words and used some of our toys to be the “people” in the math word sentences. Mix-up the words and grab handfuls of beads or other small objects.   We loved using our tan puzzle pieces.

math sight words flashcards- flashcards on a wood table with toys: puzzle pieces angry birds, and my little pony- kids activities blog
If the pony had 8 pieces and the Angry Bird has 5 piece more, the total amount is?

As we practiced our homework with new problems using the same words I could see our son’s confidence growing. It helped him build a better understanding of what each word meant. Word problems can be a difficult, especially for visual learners.

Math sight words flashcards- Child holding puzzle pieces with sight word flash cards on a table- kids activities blog
How many puzzle pieces is the child holding?

It is something I struggled with as a child and never had anyone really break down the words for me. So I’m happy that I can help my son. I hope this will help him in the future.

Download and Print Your Free Printable Math Sight Words Flashcard PDF File

Print your own word flash cards to help your kids learn the sight words used in many math word problems.

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How did your child like these math sight words flashcards? Did they help your child with math?

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