Glen Powell Got His Parents A Cameo In A Crucial Twisters Scene

Glen Powell, star of Hit Man and Top Gun: Maverick and Anyone But You, got his parents into a crucial scene in his big summer movie Twisters, and the video of them getting ready is too sweet.

Powell, who is famously close to his family, talked his parents through their “prep” for their big moment, then took them to the hair and makeup trailer so they could get cowboy-ified.

In the scene, they sit behind Powell’s character at a rodeo in Oklahoma, so their outfits were a little country western. The higher the hair, the closer to God…and to tornadoes.

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It may be their first rodeo scene, but it’s not their first rodeo. Powell’s parents have made cameos in a number of his films. As he joked to Jimmy Fallon, they’ve become so accustomed to appearing in their son’s movies that they judge the roles he takes by “what they get to do.”

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It’s easy to spot them in the airplane scene in Anyone But You, but you might have to squint to catch them elsewhere. Thankfully, we know where to look during Twisters!

Clearly, Powell gets a lot of his humor from his mom and dad. His “nepo parents” walked the Hit Man red carpet holding signs admonishing the media for trying to “make Glen Powell happen.”

I have bad news, Mrs. Powell: he’s already very much happening.

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