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Glenn Youngkin, ‘This Week’ interview: Republicans will take full control of Congress

Virginia Governor. Glenn Youngkin is optimistic that the voters will send a wake-up call to President Joe Biden and elect Republicans to regain control of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Youngkin was interviewed and asked: “First of all if Republicans win the House or Senate, how will they work with President Biden?”

“I believe the Tuesday statement will be quite clear. Youngkin said that he believes there will be more people in the House than was thought a few months ago. He also stated that he expects that there will be a clear majority of senators.

“I hope President Biden will see what Americans have to say to him Tuesday. It is that ‘we are not happy and we need to set a new agenda.”

Youngkin was out in the field with several Republicans who are running for Senate, House, and gubernatorial elections.

Youngkin visited Arizona in October to make stops, including one in support of Kari Lake, a far-right candidate for governor.

“Kari Lake talks quite a bit about the 2020 election, falsely claiming it was rigged and stolen,” Karl told Youngkin in an interview. He asked, “You don’t agree with that?”

“I have said that President Biden was our president. Youngkin replied that he was elected our president. Karl asked Youngkin if Biden’s win was legit, and Youngkin replied that it was. However, Youngkin then shifted to saying that the president had “done an awful job.”

Since President Biden was inaugurated, several GOP elected officials have called for his impeachment. They introduced more than a dozen resolutions against him, his cabinet members, and more than a dozen other resolutions. Karl brought up the possibility of impeachment and asked if it would be a mistake. Youngkin replied that he strongly believes “that our democracy is better when our Congress exercises our oversight functions.”

Karl asked Karl for an answer and asked if he believed that impeachment of Biden was the desired outcome. He said, “Because that’s what I hear a lot.”

Youngkin refused to speculate as to what actions his fellow party members would take. He claimed that he was a governor and not a member of Congress with a duty “deliver for Virginians.”

Youngkin said that “but what Republican governors have shown is they have led so many better coming out of the pandemic.” “Economic recovery and safe communities, delivering schools, and as we’ve stated, I believe every state should have a Republican governor.”

FiveThirtyEight’s latest forecasts show that the Republican candidate is in favor in more than half of the 36 governorships up to the election on Nov. 8. Republicans have a strong chance of winning Nevada and Wisconsin, both key battleground states. Oregon has not had a Republican governor elected since 1982.

According to the most recent poll, half of Americans believe that the economy or inflation are the most important issues in their vote for Congress. According to the poll, nearly three-quarters of Republicans consider the two economic issues a priority. Only 29% of Democrats agree.

Karl wanted to know his thoughts about a possible re-election bid by Donald Trump. Advisors close to him have indicated that he might be planning to run again.

Youngkin responded, saying that the only timeline anyone should be focusing upon right now is that that leads to November 8th. He also said that he was not supporting anyone at this point.

He declined to say if he would run for the presidency.

“This is a November 8, 2008 moment. He said that people who talk about matters beyond November 8th are not paying attention to the importance of today’s moment.

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