Hailey Bieber Grew Out Her Bob for the First Time in Forever—See Photos

It was the bob heard ’round the world when Hailey Bieber cut her hair in early 2023, but the Rhode founder is back to longer hair for the first time in more than a year…and she tweaked her hair color!

Bieber and her bob have been a dream duo since she made the chop, spawning a fleet of copycat cuts. However, she decided to change things up in a big way during Super Bowl weekend, adding length so her hair now hits just below her collarbone in place of the chin-skimming bob she’d been wearing. Anyone who has tried to grow out a bob can empathize, as there’s that awkward stage between bob and lob when your hair is too long to do its own thing but still too short to pull up and out of the way. (That said, Bieber has been giving us a master class in styling and growing out a bob, including teeny buns, ponytails, and updos.)

The longer length wasn’t the only new addition to Bieber’s hair game, either. She deepened the brunette a few shades to a rich chocolate brown—not superdark espresso but a noticeable update nonetheless. (See it in motion via her TikTok.) She styled her hair in loose bends and wore lots of sunny blush, a touch of brown eyeliner, and her ever-present Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment and liner combo.

Hailey Bieber

I had a feeling change was in the air for the model, as she’s been pretty faithful to her “cinnamon cookie butter” hair and now iconic bob for what feels like forever, though my prediction was a return to her blonde days and not a trip to the dark side, plus hair extensions. Either way, I’ve gotten so used to Bob Hailey Bieber that this looks like a totally different person—in a really good, exciting way.

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