Lodes and Diesel Return With Conical Lighting Collaboration

The cone is perhaps one of geometry’s most tantalizing silhouettes, teasing as the surface tapers until reaching the apex. Capitalizing on this visual tension is Diesel Living with Lodes who expands their collection by two new luminaries, Cross and Megaphone. Akin to an “it bag,” these fashionable fixtures debuted during Milan Design Week captivating spring audiences and turning heads with their unique use of the conical form. The additions are suitable for contract and residential spaces alike, and are equally accommodating of wildly different tastes. Megaphone contemporizes the iconic shape marrying modern minimalism with nostalgia for something plucked out of the 1950s, which imbues a future-retro aesthetic upon it. Cross takes a more modest approach hanging low with a squatter base and far less flashy material finish.

A modern dining area with a long table, red chairs, place settings, and pendant lights. The space has a unique curved ceiling and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Simple, elegant, and slightly earthy. The Cross pendant lamp presents itself as an honest, functional design object with elements comprising a conical ivory fabric diffuser and distinctive “x” metal detail upon the apex. While the material language may be modest, the message is very clear. Form is in service of function as visual details and structural components are one in the same. The minimalist lamp is strong enough to speak for itself or can be hung in unison with others.

A modern dining area with a round table, four red chairs, a pendant light, and a large window revealing greenery outside. The space has wooden doors and a patterned floor.

A conical pendant light with a white shade and black cross-frame, suspended from the ceiling by a black cord against a plain white background.

A cone-shaped hanging pendant light with a minimalist design, featuring a beige lampshade and a black X-shaped support structure.

Close-up of a minimalist pendant light with a beige fabric shade and a black cross-shaped support at the top, set against a neutral background.

A modern table lamp illuminates a room with a cityscape visible through the window at dusk. A bottle of liquor, a glass, and a magazine are on a nearby table.

The Megaphone table lamp puts the eponymous object on its head with a silhouette that widens upwards as if it’s prepared to emit sound, but is instead poised to produce soft light from its center. The gradient-effect blown glass shade makes basking in this fixture’s warm glow an act of voyeurism as the bulb appears to be caught mid-undress when viewed through the iridescent finish. Other elements like the black steel base add attractive elements to edge articulation.

A cone-shaped glass lamp with a visible spiral filament inside is placed on a flat surface. The lamp is connected to a power cord extending out to the side.

Close-up of a black, conical lamp showing an illuminated spiral filament inside. The lamp has a glossy surface and is placed against a neutral background.

A sleek, modern lamp with a spiral filament light inside a metallic and glass body, connected to a power cord at its base.

Close-up view of a lit, cylindrical LED filament bulb inside a reflective lamp with a fabric-covered power cord extending from the bottom.

To learn more about this and other models in the collection visit lodes.com.

Images courtesy of Diesel Living with Lodes.

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