New Solana ICO Slothana Surges Past $5.5M as Community Eyes CEX Launch

The next revelation in Solana’s presale saga has arrived. It is called Slothana and is a sloth-themed meme coin that has raised over $5 million in just six days.

Following in the tracks of other iconic players like Book of Meme and Slerf, Slothana takes a nonchalant presale approach. It boasts a single-tiered pricing system and multiple ways to buy.

Investors can either send SOL to the project’s wallet address or visit the Slothana website, connect their wallet and buy directly.

Tokens will be distributed at the end of the presale. However, much of its early success is attributed to a deep sense of FOMO, with no predetermined hard cap announced. This means the ICO could end any time, so potential buyers must act fast.

CEX Launch in the Pipeline and Marketing Powerhouse Behind $SLOTH?

Slothana’s unwavering early success is no surprise to those who have watched closely. Two days ago, the team published a tweet, asking whether Slothana should launch strictly on decentralized exchanges or venture onto centralized exchanges too.

An overwhelming 77.9% of the 5,296 voters have sided with a CEX launch, reflecting a strong anticipation that $SLOTH will benefit from the added exposure.

However, this is not the only thing causing a buzz in the community. Another is rumors that Slothana’s founding team is the same team that launched Smog.

Smog soared 100x following its launch in February, peaking at over a $200 million market cap. Should the rumors be true, it would be immensely bullish for $SLOTH.

And it’s not just locker room hearsay, crypto sleuths quickly connected the dots after noticing that Smog’s X account commented on Slothana’s first X post, when it had less than 50 followers. This indicates that the teams are at least aligned on some level.

But besides that, Slothana gives away very little about itself. Its website leads with “From 420 to $420M with Slothana” and tells readers “Embrace the sloth life; let your SOL soar with Slothana!”

Ultimately, this leaves a lot up to the imagination, but this is part of its mystifying allure and potentially a key component in why degens are investing so much.

BOME Printed Millionaires – Slothana Can Too

Solidifying Slothana’s position as a top meme coin contender is its unprecedented total raise. Amassing over $5 million in six days, it is apparent that some big-time whales are already on board.

Indeed, raising such a vast sum in a short time illustrates an unwavering nod of approval from the investor community. But adding to the excitement is that the total raise has eclipsed that of Solana presale phenom Book of Meme.

Book of Meme launched on exchanges in March after its presale and became the fastest meme coin to reach a $1 billion market cap, doing it in just two days. It has also shown notable success since, pumping 19% today and retaining a $950 million market cap.

In the process, BOME has printed countless multimillionaires, with blockchain analytics X account LookOnChain highlighting how numerous presale investors made between 7-8 figures from five figure investments.

For instance, the largest Book of Meme investor turned $72K into an absurd $30 million.

Meanwhile, another presale buyer flipped $19K into $6.58 million.

And these are only a couple of examples, but there were many more lucky degens who entered the presale.

Yet, the Book of Meme ICO raised just north of $2 million. In contrast, Slothana has already breached $5 million.

While there’s no guarantee that Slothana will outdo BOME once it launches on exchanges, its bigger total raise, potential exchange listings and connections to Smog all indicate a bright future.

But with the presale potentially ending any time, those looking to buy must act fast to not miss out.

Follow Slothana on X to stay updated on the project’s latest antics. Alternatively, visit its website to buy $SLOTH.

Visit Slothana Website

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