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Rider Strong, star of ‘Boy Meets World,’ says he was upset at how the show handled sex during prom episodes

Rider Strong, a former “Boy Meets World”, is expressing his dissatisfaction with the way sex was handled during the episode’s prom.

Strong, his co-host, and former stars Danielle Fishel (Pod Meets World) were responding to a question about three episodes that were allegedly “banned”. The episode was a podcast where Strong and his co-hosts answered a question about the episodes. The episodes that Disney decided not to air were all about sex and drinking.

They began to discuss one episode of season five’s “Proms, Proms”, in which Fishel’s character Topanga (Ben Savage), and Cory Matthews, her boyfriend, consider having sex after prom.

Strong, Shawn Hunter’s best friend and Cory’s prom episode star, said that he didn’t like it. “I can remember feeling very upset throughout that whole week.”

He said, “I was very upset at the adults on the set, in particular the way they approached this, especially because we weren’t discussing safe sex.”

“The fact that Cory and Topanga would not discuss condoms or have a discussion about contraception at all, yet the whole episode was about whether [in]the hotel room or the bedroom, it was about whether they will they or not.”

Strong said that he shared his concerns with Michael Jacobs, “Boy Meets World’ co-creator and showrunner at the time.

“I only remember being so upset and bringing it up. Michael asked me about it and I said, “Can we talk about that?” He said.

“Cabin Fever’s” star said, “Like perhaps, you generationally don’t understand that. But we were growing up during the era of AIDS. This is something that we must talk about.” Talking about losing your virginity is a conversation that involves discussing how and when to do it.

Strong stated, “And he completely shocked me off and said that it was ridiculous to worry about and that there wasn’t even a need for us to discuss it.”

“I felt at the time that this was incredibly irresponsible.”

Strong recalled how Jacobs was concerned about a scene in an episode where Topanga and Cory discuss sharing razors. Strong said Jacobs was concerned about the scene because he had read that sharing razors could lead to hepatitis.

He said, “I just recall being so p–sed.” “Like, we’re going to discuss hepatitis, but safe sex is not on the table, for whatever reason,” he said.

Strong said that he believed the discrepancy could be attributed to the generational differences between producers and cast members.

Fishel stated that she felt uncomfortable throughout the week because of similar reasons.

She added that she doesn’t recall any specific memories except for a feeling of ickiness throughout the week.

From 1993 to 2000, “Boy Meets World,” aired seven seasons on ABC. From 2000 to

2007, reruns were aired on the Disney Channel.

Fishel and Savage were the stars of “Girl Meets World”, a Disney Channel spinoff that was created by Jacobs, and April Kelly, “Boy Meets World’s” co-creator. Strong and Friedle were also able to reprise their roles in the show’s run between 2014 and 2017.

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