‘Sir Guy and the Dun Cow’ in Coventry, England


Coventry is famous for the legend of Lady Godiva, commemorated by an equestrian statue of her in the city square, but there is another folk story well-known in the area that is represented by a public artwork here.

Hailing from the nearby town of Warwick, Sir Guy is a major figure of medieval English folklore, if not as popular as King Arthur or Robin Hood. The core of his story is that this humble cupbearer must prove his valor and become a knight to wed his love, Lady Felice, the daughter of the Earl of Warwick. His chivalrous feats often include battles with dragons, giants, and the Dun Cow, a mythical creature often found in English folklore.

In the early 1950s, artist Alma Ramsey-Hosking created a sculpture depicting the deadly combat between Sir Guy and the Dun Cow, originally placed on the north side of Broadgate House and later relocated to the archway above the pavement between Bull Yard and Shelton Square.

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