The SSENSE Sale Is Bursting with Rare Grails at Rarer Prices

In certain corners of the internet, the SSENSE sale is notorious. When the Canadian mega-retailer slashes prices on its vast assortment of clothing, home goods, and top-shelf grooming products, eagle-eyed shoppers hunker down by their laptops and prepare their wallets for the worst. But this time around is not like the others; the discounts tap out at a relatively meager 15%—a pittance compared to the eye-watering savings usually on offer.

The SSENSE Sale Hit List

Crucially, though, that 15% discount extends to the entire site, including a roster of key characters in the GQMU (that’s Gentlemen’s Quarterly Menswear Universe) that rarely go on sale. For a limited time, SSENSE is serving up Our Legacy boots, Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses, Mfpen jackets, and a whole lot more, at sneaky, barely-seen discounts. Just enter the code “FW2023” at checkout and boom—15% off your order. Normally, we’d love to stay and chat about our favorite grails, but the discounts are calling and we always pick up the phone.

Peep our favorite pieces from the SSENSE sale below, or make moves to the retailer’s site to browse the selection in all its glory.

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