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Wes Bentley, star of ‘Yellowstone,’ says Robert Downey Jr. saved him from heroin addiction

Wes Bentley, the “Yellowstone” star, credited Robert Downey Jr. with helping him overcome his addiction to drugs in 2000.

Page Six was told by the 44-year-old actor that the “Iron Man,” star had encouraged him to get clean when he was in the throes of his addiction.

“I was in my deepest throes and suffering from addiction, and was at death’s door or risk, and I saw him so brave, brave, and open, and it saved me,” Bentley said to the outlet during Thursday’s premiere of season five.

He said, “So, I thought, if I do it too, maybe I can pass that along to someone else.”

Downey Jr. suffered from addiction to alcohol and drugs for many decades before he

finally got sober in 2003.

After starring as Ricky Fitts, the Best Picture Oscar-winning 1998 movie “American Beauty”, Bentley became a star. He said that he became overwhelmed by his sudden success as an actor and began to use drugs and alcohol to cope.

Page Six was told by him that he had never been able to save money before. “So there were a lot of things that I wasn’t ready for.”

He said, “I also knew that as an actor, I wasn’t going be ready to play good roles until my 30s and 40s.” It didn’t seem right for me to expect it to happen that early. I tried to be patient and let it happen, but it wasn’t my time.

Bentley spoke out in a 2010 interview with The New York Times about how his addiction spiraled out of control to the point that he stopped caring about acting despite being given “stacks and stacks of scripts, great scripts with great offers attached”.

According to him, he only took on occasional gigs between 2002-2009 to earn enough money to pay his bills and buy drugs.

In 2008, the actor was taken into custody and pleaded guilty to heroin possession. He was placed in counseling and 12-step programs but continued to use heroin and relapsed until he was bankrupt.

Bentley stated that he met a man in 2009 who helped him to end his addiction and embrace sobriety.

He told Page Six that he met a man who was sober but didn’t know and that he was struggling. He just spoke about how beautiful his life was now and how he looks out at the trees. I didn’t see that.

“And I thought that I wanted it back.”

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