What Meg Strachan Is Buying Now: Anthropologie Sweaters, Penny Loafers, and Statement Rings

Ahead, we caught up with Meg Strachan who shares her favorite jewelry, her latest Anthropologie haul, and the leather loafers she loves so much, she bought it in three different versions.

The last thing you bought

I got these grey trousers and a sweatshirt from TLA on Anthropologie. I bought them through an Instagram ad. The sweatshirt is a little worn in and looks like the one from Grease. I also buy a lot of stuff second hand from The Real Real—I enjoy the hunt.

Denimist Double Pleat Wide-Leg Pants

Your favorite newsletter recommendation

My Jamie Haller loafers. I have three pairs—in brown and black croc, and oxblood leather—that I’m going to keep for the rest of my life. [Haller] packs and ships her shoes from her house in LA, and I couldn’t wait to get my latest pair so I drove out to her house to pick them up, where she packed them in her garage for me. They’re in the closet now on a shelf and will make their way out as they do.

Jamie Haller The Loafer in Croc Brown

Jamie Haller The Loafer in Croc Black

Your style philosophy

I want to look put together but comfy, and the way I dress—and this is something my younger cousin said to me the other day—is how Dorsey dresses. Sometimes I go off-brand and wear something that’s a bit more “fun,” but I love bodysuits with wide-leg trousers because I like the proportion of something fitted with something non-fitted and more relaxed. I also wear a lot of blazers. I have a closet full of blazers and denim.

I feel like where there’s a lot of room to find what feels right [for me] is in the size of things. I will often go into a store and instead of buying a size XS, which may be my size, get it in large and then tailor it. I also play my jewelry off my clothes and change the pieces I’m wearing every single day. I rarely layer, though. I normally just have a necklace or an ear full of earrings or a big Dorsey ring, and that’s then the only piece I’ll wear.

Your go-to fall outfit

My style in the fall is relaxed and sophisticated. I like pieces you can wear a lot that’ll change an outfit, and they don’t necessarily have to be investment pieces. My go-tos are a big blazer, a lazy-looking coat, and tailored wide-leg trousers—all worn oversized. I just resold an old structured coat because I will not wear things that don’t feel like me.

Loulou Studio Wool and Cashmere-Blend Coat

Maria McManus Single-Breasted Convertible Blazer

Your everyday jewelry

I wear-test everything before launching but I’m really in a classic zone right now. Lately I’ve just been in pieces that started the brand. In my jewelry tray is a big Theodora bracelet, which is a trillion-cut tennis bracelet with custom cut lab-grown stones and our lab-grown studs.

Dorsey Theodora Double Trillion, Lab-Grown White Sapphire Silver Rivière Bracelet

Dorsey Paradis Solitaire Round Cut, Lab-Grown White Sapphire Stud (Pair)

A statement piece for going out

The Crawford earring, for sure. It’s a beautiful occasion and non-occasion earring that’s so light—it may be one of our best-selling earrings. We just did them in emerald but they sold out in 48 hours. I have them in gold and silver and I just pre-ordered the emerald ones from our site so I don’t miss out again.

I also love a big ring or a stack of great rings. And you don’t have to be married to wear one! I’m married but I change out my rings every day. I’ll go months without putting on my engagement ring or wedding ring. Dorsey never wore the same ring either.

Dorsey Crawford, Baguette and Asscher Lab-Grown Red Sapphire Earrings

Dorsey Crawford Asscher Cut Earrings, Silver

Dorsey Crawford, Baguette and Asscher Nano Crystal Emerald Earrings

Dorsey Theodora Double Trillion Ring Stack

The best jewelry to give—and get

Our bestselling piece for gifting is our rivière Moss necklace in the 3mm with square-cut stones. You can get it with lab-grown sapphires or diamonds. The sapphire one is just over $500, while the diamond one is over $18,000.

Dorsey Moss Round Cut, 3mm 4-Prong, Lab-Grown White Sapphire Silver Rivière Necklace

Dorsey 14k White Gold Moss Round Cut 3mm 4-Prong, Lab-Grown Diamond Rivière Necklace

How you store your jewelry

I have custom jewelry trays that I keep in the bathroom and on my nightstand, but [the ones below] are some I love. We also recently redesigned our packaging to be these beautiful velvet envelopes for storing jewelry, and I keep many older pieces in their archival packaging as well.

Mycube Microsuede Storage Tray

Smythson Panama Leather Jewelry Box and Travel Tray

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