Why You Should Dress Like 2000s-Era John Cena This Summer

Ladies and gentlemen, the Champ Is Here–but not for much longer. This weekend at WWE’s annual Money In the Bank live event, 16-time world champion, GOAT contender, and bonafide Hollywood star John Cena surprised the Toronto audience with an appearance and a somber announcement: 2025 will be his last year in professional wrestling. After over two decades in pro wrestling, Cena feels the time has come to hang up his boots. For multiple generations of fans, a world without Cena (who debuted on Smackdown way back in 2002) in the ring is unthinkable. From his early days as the Doctor of Thuganomics to his ascendancy as the face of the WWE, Cena is the definitive pro wrestler of his generation. Even as he’s gracefully ceded his position at the very top of the company in recent years, it’s hard to think about what WWE looks like without him in its orbit.

Luckily, we won’t have to worry about that for a while. Cena won’t be bowing out next year with a single swan song match, but rather a full-fledged farewell tour from January to December, including his final Wrestlemania appearance when the Grandest Stage of Them All takes Vegas in the spring. After he calls it a day, he’s assured fans he’ll be sticking around as part of the WWE family. That means there’s plenty of time to reminisce on your favorite Cena matches, classic promos, and most importantly (to us, at least) his best fits.

Did we mention that Cena had fits? That Cena has fits? Heavyweight fits, championship fits, Hall of Fame fits (some of which he literally wore to WWE Hall of Fame inductions!). While he’s grown into a savvy red carpet dresser these days, it’s the sense of style he displayed in his earlier days in WWE that feels most relevant to today. Cena brought his love for sports, hip-hop, and car culture into his attire in the ring and outside of it, rocking Mitchell & Ness jerseys, huge chains, and backwards fitteds on the regular. He’s the only professional wrestler to become synonymous with our favorite shorts of the moment, jorts. Hell, his branded tees even go hard (The Rock’s “Fruity Pebble” dig has aged like milk). For years, Cena has been held up as a role model for folks young and old, and he’s the rare pro wrestler to live up to those expectations. You could do a lot worse than incorporating his pro wrestling philosophies into your day to day life–or you could just look to him for inspiration for your next wardrobe refresh.

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