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Will Smith visits Philadelphia to meet with students

Will Smith, “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” alum, is “West Philadelphia-born and raised.” He decided to surprise his alma mater.

The School District of Philadelphia posted the video of Thursday’s Academy Award winner on its Instagram.

“Wow. Smith exclaimed, “Wow.” As he walked through Overbrook High School’s halls.

The “King Richard’ star was reminiscing at his school. The camera then captured him entering a room of excited students, clapping for Smith.

As the Hollywood actor approached the students, he began to shake hands with them.

Smith took selfies and shared them with his fans. He also looked through his yearbook while taking a photo of himself.

The caption of the video read “What an incredible surprise!” Today @willsmith surprised Overbrook High School with a surprise visit. Stay tuned for more photos and news! #phled.”

The posted video was captioned with the following text: “When Will Smith surprises his alma mater …”

Several photos were also posted to the district’s Facebook page. They showed Dr. Tony Watlington and the “I Am Legend” actor interacting with them.

Smith also made a rare appearance at the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers conference last

month, advising team members.

“Huge thanks to Will Smith who joined us to discuss strength through cooperation and gratitude during times of great difficulty. The Lakers’ social media account posted the following caption on Instagram: “All themes in his masterpiece film, Emancipation.”

The 54-year-old actor’s visit comes months after he famously slapped comedian Chris Rock because he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith at March’s 2022 Academy Awards.

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