Yes, Taylor Swift saw Ryan Gosling's 'All Too Well' spoof on 'SNL.' And she approves

Taylor Swift has given Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt’s spoof of “All Too Well” her coveted seal of approval.

The pop superstar took to X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday to endorse the latest take on her Grammy-winning song, which she aptly titled “All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version).”

“All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version) !!!” the singer-songwriter cheered in her tweet, sharing the bit that came during Gosling’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue. “Watch me accidentally catch myself singing this version on tour. This monologue is EVERYTHING”

Swifties rejoiced in the singer’s replies, touting the irreverent mashup and the prospect of Swift performing it on her blockbuster Eras tour, which resumes in Paris on May 9 and travels through Europe until August. The historic tour returns to the United States in October before wrapping with a three-night stint in Toronto in early December, giving the singer plenty of opportunities to pay tribute to Ryan and Emily’s version of her song.


“You and Barbenheimer carried 2023! Love seeing the worlds collide!” another added.

“I am so so stoked she has seen this! I knew she would love it! I still think [Swift’s] Monologue song is the best ever opener. But, this is a close 2nd,” wrote another.

Gosling, who was joined by his “Fall Guy” co-star as he delivered the monologue over the weekend, said in his routine that he sadly had to “break up” with his “Barbie” alter ego Ken and that “the one thing that could help is the music of the great Taylor Swift.”

The “La La Land” and “The Notebook” star, who is a noted musician as well, then took a seat behind a large black piano and donned dark sunglasses for the broody satire. In it, the three-time “SNL” host paid homage to his subversive fur coat-clad character that earned him another Academy Award nomination. (“I didn’t win the Oscar, it was just out of reach,” he sang to a pink-hued statuette).

“Oh that sweet definition of my washboard abs/ Singing Indigo Girls in the car with Babs / If I said that I was doing fine / You know I’d be lying / Because I was just Ken/ And now I’m just Ryan,” Gosling lamented as he was interrupted by Blunt.

The “Oppenheimer” and “Mary Poppins Returns” star gave Gosling a stern talking-to onstage, calling him out for ruining their “The Fall Guy” promotional spot and for embarrassing himself by “Kenning” again. (She likewise hated that it was a verb.) The two also continued their “Barbenheimer” summer rivalry, revisiting a well-received bit from March’s Academy Awards and spoofing Blunt’s own breakup with her “Oppenheimer” alter ego Kitty Oppenheimer.

Watch the complete monologue below.

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