Zoë Kravitz Kick-Started Flip-Flop Season in $650 Sandals

Could Zoë Kravitz be the one to change Tom Ford’s mind?

“I wouldn’t be caught dead in flip-flops,” the designer famously said in 2017, emphatic in his disdain for the kind of cisgendered man—perhaps the least likely demographic to own exfoliating socks or visit pedicurists—who walks around metropolitan centers with their toes exposed. “I hate flip-flops.” Ford would doubtless baulk at the sheer number of people rediscovering Havaianas in 2024—including Kravitz.

The actor was yesterday afternoon photographed strolling around New York in a flannel shirt, a bucket hat, sweatpants and $650 rubber sandals from The Row. (See the photos here.) Zoë Kravitz looked like she had just been tending to a vegetable patch in an allotment garden, which is perhaps the ultimate example of luxurious living: slow-paced, off-grid and anti-grind. Are those qualities not also intrinsic to the flip-flop itself?

“You roll up to the bar in a pair of Havaianas and you still look good? That’s cool,” fashion critic Biz Sherbert said back in August when discussing the allure of a cosmopolitan flip-flop. (See also: Aaron Esh, who juxtaposed silken tailoring with comma-shaped thong sandals within his spring/summer 2024 collection.) “The casual signaling that you’ve been to a different destination recently is very chic. You just walked off the airplane and now you’re going about your business? It’s unmatched. Once you start wearing them, you realize that you’ve been a loser for not wearing them all along.”

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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